Our Story...


How it all started...

From a young age animals have always been my passion, no matter how big or small.  When I was told I needed to find a hobby I knew exactly what I would enjoy...horses.

In the early days of learning to ride and care for horses I became incredibly close to a moody little dun pony who was known by the name 'Crystal', she had spent all  her life teaching people like myself to ride and was seriously fed up. I spent every spare second I could with her, learning everything about caring for a horse until the day she became mine.

To cut the longest story short...caring for my older lady after working all her life has been far from plain sailing.

When Crystal became mine she started her life over, she had a good rest and we had a play at some local shows making her look a million dollars whilst she strutted her stuff round her ring, she loved it.

Unfortunately this was short lived, after a short while Crystals body began to give up. Countless vet visits resulted in the news that my girl was too damaged to ever take the weight of a rider again and would never make a full recovery. This was the most devastating blow you could ever imagine but I wasn't going to give up on her.

I dedicated my life to fixing her problems and learning about every possible treatment, I sent her off to an equine hospital to pinpoint the exact problematic areas so I could work on fixing them one by one.  After a year of rehab, sleepless nights, empty bank accounts and trying every product on the market I am proud to say Crystal is 100% sound and back in full work and proving everybody who wrote her off wrong.

Equilaxx has been created as I have a passion to help people and animals, I know from first-hand experience how expensive many products on the market are and I understand how difficult it is when your horse is injured and the products available to help are just too expensive, this is why I decided to bring out my own range of affordable rehabilitation products which you can rely on when going through the toughest times.

Please understand that setting up a company is costly, my range of rehabilitation products will gradually grow over time so stay tuned... all these products were used during the rehabilitation of my pony so I know they work.

Lots of love